About DonorCloud

Focusing on donations to make a bigger and more positive impact in the world.

Designed by Fundraisers

DonorCloud is a cloud-based donor and donation management platform. Its primary function is to allow charities to manage donor information and historical donations quickly and easily.

The planning for DonorCloud started in 2019 as a slight variation of what exists today. Charity transparency was the key function required through comparing other charities, but it soon developed into what we have today – a platform which is focused on donations.

As people who have worked in the charity sector as consultants, exposure to how charities operate, and how existing software forces charities to make more admin work, DonorCloud intends to break away from that. Less administrative work is required, and the user can be empowered through active and easy use of the data. This is done by using easy terminology, modern design, and simplified functions. Its time that charities focus on project work and fundraising, rather than hours if not days trying to make heads or tails of complicated systems.

What do we aspire to achieve?

Some of our main aims include: